About us

What is Come to Italy?

Come to Italy is a project by Italia Bellissima allowing the customers to know the best Italian companies and producers, finding out and touching their unique materials, carefully selected by our experts.

But this project is even more, because it combines business and pleasure.

Come to Italy offers unique possibilities to see a different aspect of the Country, not just the touristic sights, because Italy is much more than that. We would like to let the customers understand and appreciate the difference between the productions, landscapes, traditions and monuments of every italian region, and especially the reasons for this variety.

How does it work?

Our tours aren’t like a regular package tour, they are directly defined with our customers, providing customized solutions and delivering a complete and synchronized program.
Customers tell us their interests in materials, destinations, dates and special dreams. After that, we get through to an architect who will develop detailed proposals giving expert advises and making offers.

Architects or tourist guides will go along the tour with the customers, helping them with the language, telling curious histories and legends, revealing the secrets of places: the unexpected Italy, rarely visited and known.

We look forward to making contact and meeting you.